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The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Make a T Shirt Quilt.

Anyone will delight in making a quilt with intriguing designs or patterns using your own t shirts. Therefore, whether you would like to create a new quilt for yourself or wish to gift it to someone near you, just visit the Memorystitch website and check the design options. A quilt is a personal item of comfort that can also contain memories of who made them and why. T shirt quilts are easy to make for those beginners in quilting. It is simple to learn and comes with a sense of accomplishment.

Make a decision as to what style of quilt you would like to make. It may be elaborate or simple, containing blocks or different sized patches. Quilted blankets have been around for a long time, and are used to decorate and commemorate. They are usually made up of soft cotton fabrics, making t shirts the ideal clothing to use in the design.

You will be astounded at the lovely quilts that could be created from shirts you bought at special events or occasions or those you just couldn’t bear to part with. Maybe you know someone who has old concert shirts or those with controversial or how to make a t shirt quilt from college. You can make the collection into a memory blanket for them. Children have lots of old clothes they grew out of over the years. If they are sitting in a box, get them out and repurpose them.

Your t shirt quilt will be a piece of unique art with sentimental value. With the majority of free quilting patterns, it’s possible to sew the whole design at once by backstitching (travel stitching) along some sections. You may want a quilting table to lay out the pieces, measure them, mark the seam, iron, hand sew, or machine stitch them. You will need batting to put between the front and back panels. The back can be one solid piece or contain more t shirts. It’s entirely up to you.You can search online to learn the fundamental techniques and quilting terms to understand instructions better. Be sure that any other fabric you select besides your t shirt material is simple to quilt through and goes nicely with your colors. Then determine which t shirts will be used in each individual square, and how much additional fabric you will need to purchase.

If you have the pattern all lined up, you should create strips that will easily attach to the next row in your quilt and eventually result in the dimensions you need from a small blanket to a large bedspread or wall hanging. Making your own quilt can be time-consuming, so consider sending your t shirts to a quilting company that can take your prized possessions and turn them into a keepsake. Not everyone has the space to do a full-size quilt in their home, and some don’t even own their own sewing machine. This doesn’t have to stop you from making a memorable quilt.