We’re Brief in mj industry consulting Are areas that we Have improved upon so we Are Now working in Pennsylvania we typically get These Sorts of inquiries so right now New Jersey is still Striving to find its way when the Principles are propagated we Find something active then we’ll likely have several clients evolve in These Countries as well we take clients only since the rules and regulations become more Comfortable we don’t like to take clients before we know what’s going on.

my last nobo list had about, I have Likely on my Globex Listing and I have no Thought about my oboes but that’s Likely a third of my outstanding million Also shares outstanding about seven Thousand Within my float so we’re not we’re not all that Large I don’t like dilution I want all the money to Remain with my shareholders I Just need money when I Want it and they Have taken huge delusions and well look at look at wheat and Seem at canopy how many different Businesses do they Have now like last Listing I saw was That I mean That They Have Things that I Don’t Have Any idea why they Have it for Those Who have that much money you Have got to Discover a use for This well.

It’s unfortunately right now I had another gentleman back here right now I’m up to full timers in December or in January of last year I had four I Had Been one of These so we’ve grown quite a bit our catalyst for growth is probably more along the lines of Installation for dispensary and Coaching and then Installation to our cultivation Mac’s services which we think over time Is Most Likely gonna drive most of our Earnings I think everybody that Has Been my last question I’ve got to stop Dollar Dollars oh we’re up a somewhere is Correct here so hello and welcome to the cannabis Reveal my Title is Manufacturer Vincent here Is your host ricardo Baca hey Vince one more time what time is it it’s some it is k right here everybody joining us today we welcome to the cannabis show where.